Here at Promenade Studios, we offer production services in and around North London and Hertfordshire. Clients regularly come to us from Whetstone, Barnet, Finchley and surrounding areas. We can help guide your vision of what your project needs - perhaps you’re looking for an artistic direction or would like your track to sound like the big players in the industry. We have the experience to help you reach your goals.

We have:

  • In house producers with expertise in various genres 

  • Knowledge in how to make your tracks stand out in a crowded marketplace 

  • Producers who are real musicians as well as engineers


Here at the studio, we have a songwriting team that keep up with todays ever changing musical landscape. Perhaps you have an artist who is in development and you’re looking for ‘That Song’? Or maybe its an unfinished idea that really begs to be completed?

At Promenade Studios we have songwriters, musicians and multi instrumentalists who can help you realise that goal.

We have:

  • A songwriting team who can work in house or online with you to fit your brief

  • Experience in many genres to take your songs to the next level

  • Help create a musical direction for an artist or project that you may already have in progress


We all know that a great song should be able to stand on its own, but in this day in age, professional production is more relevant than ever before.

At Promenade Studios we have:

  • Only the best in analogue and digital gear, giving you the best of both worlds

  • A modern, bright (not dingy) acoustically treated studio

  • Experience in how to capture sound from the very first moment, to take your recordings to the next level.


So you’ve recording those stems…. Now what?

Mixing is an art. Of course it’s often a compromise - the artist has to be happy, the producer has to be happy, but so does the listener.

At Promenade Studios we have:

  • Mix Engineers with keen ears, who really listen

  • A Hi End Monitoring System that gives you what you need to hear, no more, no less

  • Passion for helping you to realise your vision


The song’s been written, the mics set up, parts recorded and the project has been mixed. What now?

Well some will say this could make or break you track…"Mastering"

At Promenade Studios we have all tools at your disposal to get that ‘radio ready’ or ‘streaming ready’ master. With considerable experience in Loudness Monitoring, we have the know-how to prepare your tracks for the real world. 

Promenade Studios has:

  • Mastering Engineers who understand how to  make your tracks fit with others in the same genre.

  • Comprehensive Mastering Tools to elevate a good mix to a great master.


Dan Myers is a musician, songwriter, producer and sound engineer with over 20 years of experience. He studied under The Royal College Of Music and Trinity College London and is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist.

He is also the founder and Creative Director of Promenade Studios in London. 

About Us

At Promenade Studios we believe the atmosphere in the studio is as important as the recording equipment. We provide a comfortable, friendly space where you can focus on being creative. Contact us to find out how we can fine tune your mix in an acoustically treated room using some of the best speakers and analogue outboard equipment available.

The Studio

Promenade Studios is a dedicated recording studio, able to offer state-of-the-art multi track recording, mixing and mastering facilities for musicians and media companies. The studio offers on-site music services as well as a brand new online service in a 30 square metre space using cutting edge equipment.